The firm was first established in Stellenbosch as K. Friedlaender in 1945. Pieter Burger joined the firm in 1970 followed by Hans Volkmann a few years later and the firm became known as Friedlaender, Burger & Volkmann. Damien Burger took over Pieter Burger’s role in 1982.

Since then the firm has been actively involved in the majority of the development in and around Stellenbosch serving both the public and private sector.

Today the firm is led by professional land surveyors Damien Burger, Mark Straughan and Matthew Stuart-Fox. Tian King runs the firm’s Riebeek Kasteel Branch.

Being situated in Stellenbosch for over 7 decades, the firm has gained extensive knowledge of the region, has expanded its reach across the Western Cape and today is one of the largest professional survey practices in the province.